The Ultimate Guide to Microwave Plate Stackers

Are you looking to maximize space and speed up meal preparation in your kitchen? Plate stackers are an essential tool for any kitchen, allowing you to easily stack multiple plates or dishes in the microwave at once. Find out everything you need to know about microwave plate stackers here, from how to choose the right one for your kitchen to tips on usage and safety. 

Consider Your Microwave’s Shape and Size before you buy a stacker, you’ll want to consider the shape and size of your microwave. Most models are designed to fit all standard-shaped microwaves with a 17-inch turntable diameter. However, if your microwave has an unusual shape or is smaller than this measurement, you may need to look for a stacker specifically designed for it. Additionally, some stackers are adjustable so make sure you measure the actual interior dimensions of your microwave before making a purchase. 

Think About the Maximum Capacity You Need to Fit Plates and Bowls of Various Sizes. It’s important to consider the stacker’s maximum capacity when deciding which model to buy. Different stackers have different heights, so check their measurements to see if they’ll fit plates and bowls of various sizes. Also, some stackers provide adjustable height settings. This allows you to adjust the height according to the size or shape of your bowls and dishes. Consider how often you plan on using these features before making a purchase.

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